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Welcome to EVO.AF – Your community for the remote-first, mobile-first, and video-first world. I’m your host, Peter Saddington. I have many forms:

I have a rabbit. His name is Bun Bun!

I’m also here to help you create your Gravitational Brand online so you can become an unstoppable force for good. [What is a Gravitational Brand?]

  • Read my personal journey creating gravitational brands for 3 of my previous startups here.
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If you’re just starting out in the world of personal branding and learning how to use video, feel free to start your own Group with us! You can invite your friends, colleagues, fans, and subscribers to engage with you in a private setting as you grow your online brand together!

Feel free to add any news or updates on your personal branding and let us be part of your journey!

I’m glad you’re here. Let me know how I may help!

All the best,
Peter Saddington

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